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Fodmap Eating Plan

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Hello. I'm with the Neuropathy group but just noticed the FODMAP discussion and can't resist adding my two cents. I've been on the diet for about two years now and it works for me. The first month I went lactose- and gluten-free, then gradually added them back. I can pretty much tolerate both but try to limit myself to A2 milk, which is naturally lactose-free (hard to find but worth it the trip to Sprouts). Every once in a while I'lll try something that I love but that's on the FODMAP list (yes, I'm sick of carrots and green beans, too) but it usually ends badly. Like the sauerkraut I couldn't resist last week. I should add that I am self-diagnosed. When IBS kicks up, I sip apple juice, which works as a binder for me. Since there's not much fiber on the non-FODMAP diet, I also keep little cans of prune juice in the pantry. I started out following the advice of dietician Kate Scarlata (katescarlata.com) and have two FODMAP apps on my iPhone so I can check the occasional temptation. I've just started taking fruit & veggie capsules and am waiting to see the results. BTW, I love and eat red meat, which seems to agree with me. Until now, when I've mentioned the word "FODMAP" to people they just stare blankly. I'm glad to find a group that knows whereof I speak.

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When I heard about FODMAP I had that blank stare. There are still foods that should be okay, but are not.
In addition, I have to watch out for certain fats/ oils that would cause major problems with my bile flow ( no gall bladder).
It could be worse.

What were the apps you use? I hadn’t thought to use apps to help and was like “ well, duh.. “ when I read that you did as it’s such a smart common sense suggestion! I looked some up in the App Store but there’s like a gazillion of them so I’m curious to know which ones you use since you obviously like them.