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Thank you for wanting to save another life through donation. I am a living donor of 3 weeks. I named a recipient, like you, that I had never met but had heard of through my Bible study. I wasn't a match for her so I agreed to donate in advance with the idea of her moving to the top of the National Kidney Registry. In my case, 4 people received a kidney because of the chain and my named recipient is waiting for her match at the top of the registry.
I don't know which Mayo you are near but I went through the Scottsdale Mayo and my team is fabulous answering any of my questions and bringing up things I hadn't considered just to make sure I had all the information I needed to make a wise decision for me. If your husband goes with to your appointments or even just a couple or they will do a phone call with him. They really want everyone to feel their questions were answered. You will experience so very long days of testing at Mayo but they want to be thorough and it giave me a glimpse into what life may be like for the person awaiting a kidney almost every day. To me it helped solidify my donation choice. Your team will explain over and over again that you can change your mind for any reason at any point until you are sleeping on the table. They really want you to feel secure. Since you have small children, I really suggest you have a plan for about 2 months after surgery to give them an active outlet. I'm 3 weeks out and although I've experienced almost no pain (never took anything stronger than Tylenol after coming home), I am surprised at how easily I become tired and listless. I am probably quite a bit older than you so that may have something to do with it. I had my post op yesterday and I'm healing great. The surgeon said that the extreme fatigue after seems to be the #1 thing that living donors experience in her opinion. I am so happy to have been able to help others. Looking back, I would make the same choice I did. If I can answer any questions for you, I am happy to try.

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Thank you, Tammi. I am actually far from the Mayo Rochester where the recipient is. So, it may not be possible for him to come to my appointments. (He has close relatives in MN so we may try.) I don't have any hesitations about donating. Good to know about the possible impacts on my kids.

One question I do have is regarding the evaluation process and how long that takes. Since I'm on the west coast, I wondered if some of the tests can be done locally or if it can be done all at once within a couple of days. I am thinking about calling the hospital to ask these questions, just for planning purposes.