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Hello @greent424,

I would also like to welcome you to Mayo Connect and I heartily agree with @jodeej that this is a very generous decision you are making. I can also understand the difficulty of not having your husband's full support. That must be hard for both of you. You do not mention which organ you are planning on donating or if it is for a family member or someone else you know. These are probably important considerations.

On Mayo Connect we do have some discussions on the topics of being a Living Donor. Here are the links to some of these. I would encourage you to read them and then feel free to post or ask questions of any of these Members by clicking on the Reply button below their post. Perhaps your husband can read them as well.
What is your husband's greatest concern about your organ donation, @greent424?

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Hi Teresa, Thank you for your response. I'm looking to donate my kidney and to a member in the "community" that I know of but not personally.

I will definitely check out the links. I tried searching for existing discussions but I didn't have any luck. So, I started a new one.

Some good news: I had a conversation with him last night after we put our kids to bed. Tried my best to ease into the conversation and told me I really need his support. I explained him the evaluation process. He's a man of few words so it's a bit hard to tell how he was feeling. I think he's slowly accepting the idea and will begin to support me more.

I think his greatest concern is for me to not have a backup kidney in the future if I were to ever have kidney issues or if one our kids need it. He does not want me to suffer from the risks associated with surgery.