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@januaryjane How are you doing? I haven't seen a response from you to the questions I asked. If you don't want to answer my questions that's fine, however please update me on how you're feeling. I do know that medication can rob us of feeling pleasure, including sexual pleasure. Depression can do that as well. One thing I did to begin feeling again was to volunteer for various activities. This reminded me of pleasurable feelings of compassion for others and awakened my general feelings of goodwill.

I have found it difficult to feel good during this Pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement. I can't help out in either case and I would normally be very active in protests for things I believe strongly about. The amount of change we're experiencing can be destabilizing. The loss of balance as previous beliefs are challenged, and as we let go of old ways of thinking and acting can feel as if we are without our anchors in life. Added to the societal challenges, having physical and mental health issues can bring us down further.

I hope to hear from you today. Virtual hugs for you.

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One of my major issues is severe slow transit constipation ive been dealing with for 16 years. Last year i developed Ibs. Ironic, right? Ive pursued every avenue to help this, but nothing is working well. A colectomy has been nearing as the next choice as i run out of options. Im scared to death, and dont really have good medical advice. I dont want to do something i regret, but i want my life back where i can function.