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mari (@mari)

Necrosis after Reconstruction

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Jun 5, 2020 | Replies (5)

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@trixie1313 and @nataliehope may have some experience to share about this.
Here's some information about Necrosis of the Tissue Flap https://www.breastcancer.org/treatment/surgery/reconstruction/corrective/necrosis-flap

Mari, are you experiencing necrosis? Did you have a Diep flap reconstruction? Was it recent as in the past few days? Have you contacted your breast surgeon?

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Mari – I did not have a full mastectomy, although I went from a DDD cup down to maybe an A. I had been prepared to have full mastectomies, however, my oncology surgeon did not want to do a full mastectomy, advising that since all breast tissue cannot be removed that it is still possible to get breast cancer again and that full mastectomy can possibly cause lifetime nerve pain. Because I had had a recent lumpectomy on the one side and then the second tumor was located via MRI breast, my breast had to be reshaped following cutting it down in size; the unaffected breast was also brought down to try to match. I stayed overnight and left the next day with drainage tubes. I did no have any necrosis. I cannot address the issue of a full mastectomy, however. I am happy with my decision and actually the scars (armpit to chest as well as lollipop for nipple) have healed quite well. I joke with lady friends that I now look like a Sumo wrestler! But in all seriousness, again I have no regrets.