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Hi @robbie1956, I'm glad that you popped over to the Heart Rhythm Conditions group with your questions. You'll notice that I moved your post to this existing discussion about ectopic PVCs, a-fib and anxiety. I did this to connect you with @hopeful33250 @slynnb @sue225 and @exboater. I'd also like to bring @predicatable @jayhawk57 @danab @rubywitch67 and @soph into this discussion.

While we wait for others to weigh in, you might wish to review this past discussion too:
– DESPERATELY FRIGHTENED, PVCs, AFib or panic attack https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/desperately-frightened-please-help-me-1/

Robbie, have you made another appointment with your cardiologist?

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Thanks Colleen,

Yes I’ve made an appointment on the 30th of this month….I saw my old Cardiologist just this July 2nd….he was not concerned but then my sinus rhythm was normal…this is a phenomenon that I’ve been putting up with like many others for a long time…it’s like still a mystery why an episode starts out of the blue, then seems to (hopefully) in the past run it’s course til the next time. My current Cardiologist had my Echo Cardiograms done in 2013 and 2017 and all was normal….my bloating, GERD, hiatus hernia are always problematic but those symptoms don’t always bring on these episodes of PVCs…thanks again for the welcome and redirect, and I will check out the other discussion link you provided….