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I have had a return of the awful PVCs…they started Sept 10, and they come and go….but this episode is like some like those of the long gone past…a year and a haif with blissful rest from these….I’ve been tested in the past and seen 2 Cardiologists this year (when I was not having any)…they cleared me for a Colonoscopy…..but now, there’re back, and I just feel dreadful again….I’ve been through this before, but every time they return, I feel anxious and can’t seem to blow it off…..I’ve read some articles I’ve saved from the past and they help by letting me know about Vegas Nerve Ectopic PVCs….
That is why I’m joining this discussion group…..thanks

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Hi @robbie1956, I'm glad that you popped over to the Heart Rhythm Conditions group with your questions. You'll notice that I moved your post to this existing discussion about ectopic PVCs, a-fib and anxiety. I did this to connect you with @hopeful33250 @slynnb @sue225 and @exboater. I'd also like to bring @predicatable @jayhawk57 @danab @rubywitch67 and @soph into this discussion.

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Robbie, have you made another appointment with your cardiologist?

@robbie1956 Hi I can relate to your issue. I too experienced PVC but mostly as a byproduct of the Ventricular Tachycardia. But like you were told and i was too they are not really dangerous and my EP said i didn't have enough in a row to be concerned about treatment. Now i usually only had them occur maybe in runs of a few minutes but for me they were concerning that if i got a vt episode is when i needed help ( usually by my pacemaker) within a minute or so.
But in your case it sounds more like afib which can happen for long periods of time. I had a friend with that condition and he would sometimes go for hours and if it didn't stop on its own he would go to the Hospital and get converted. But it was never life threatening. I know tho how concerning it can be. For me i am truly convinced that stress can bring them on. It like a catch 22 of sorts. The PVCs get you nervous and that's what keeps them going. I will say that i know for me my more dangerous problem was if i went into a VT episode i could always tell the difference by checking my pulse. Pvcs will feel like skipped beats in your pulse but when something worse was happening my pulse would like disappear which during a VT arrhythmia is when the heart starts to quiver and blood stops flowing. The good news is as i was told is the PVCs which most people have on occasion is not a symptom of something worse. I think its because due to having a heart condition we notice every little thing that feels different. So try to relax when you feel them and not concentrate on them. Easy to say right! I look forward nto hearing what you find out in a couple of weeks. The one symptom that i always knew propted a 911 call was a feeling of not being able to breath. So i hope that helps. Let me know if i can be of any other information.
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