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I'm so glad that we are addressing this topic of self-esteem. I try to have everyone like me. When someone rejects my friendship, I am saddened by their actions and wonder what is wrong with me. The other day while walking I greeted a neighbor with a "Good Morning"; she turned and walked away. Of course my day was completely ruined. I do have many friends and a loving family. Why does this particular action on the part of my neighbor bother me?

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0616 – It bothers you because you are human and have normal human feelings. I think even the most secure person would be bothered by an outright, undeserved snub. That said, you have to realize the snub says something about your neighbor, but nothing about you. The reason could range from deafness to extremely bad mood to serious mental illness. You pleasantly greeted your neighbor; there is nothing wrong with you. Keep greeting your neighbors; most will welcome your friendliness, especially in these strange, dark days!

@0616 Welcome to connect that is a good question to explore I have had this happen to me and I resigned myself to this . That person is in so much pain they don't want to talk . They just are to miserable to have a conversation or just to say Hi. So I don't let it bother me . It makes up all kind of people in this world so just be kind to yourself and know where and who loves you . Know its not your fault that she didn't return your salutation.

We all want to be liked, but sometimes the other person's reaction to us is more about them and possibly what they're going through because we don't have all the facts or the whole picture.

Example, there's a man on subway with two children who from other passenger's perspective he doesn't have control of his children. What do you think of the man?

Same scenario as above but new information is that this man just came from hospital visiting his wife who has serious illness. Now what do you think of the man?