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Need advice on Amioderone

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To have an ablation after one 4 hour episode of afib is rushing it. There are other meds to try first. My husband has had afib several years, episodes can last 3-4 days and he now is going to explore an ablation.

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Hi tsch! Thank you for your comment! I've actually been dealing with this for several years also, I tried to manage it without meds, and would end up in the ER every few months, until last year, when I had the worst episode ever, water in my lungs and all, getting pumped with all kind of meds in the hospital for a very long night, until it finally abated in the morning. After that episode I finally agreed to go on Multaq, which worked great for a year, until last March, when I had another really bad one, which landed me in the hospital for 3 days, that's when they switched me to Amioderone, which I hated, but was willing to cope with the side effects if it worked, which it did for 3 months, until this last episode, this one was bearable, I just waited it out. My episodes don't usually last more than a night, 12 hours at the most, I cannot imagine your poor husband going 3-4 days. Blessings to both of you!

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