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Hi! My doctor has prescribed Evenity for my osteoporosis. I’m extremely afraid of the major cardiovascular side effects. Does anyone know how long these major side effects last (i.e. most at risk for 3 days after injection)? Also, why does this medication cause those particular side effects when other osteoporosis medications do not? I’m expecting to get a call soon to set up my first shot so any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Good afternoon @dmort. I know that you have questions about Evenity in preparation for your first shot. It is a new medication and the only one so far that claims to build new bone and then protect it. It is so new that we are not getting a lot of feedback yet.

Your best bet would be to call the RN staff at Amgen, the company that manufactures Eventy. They will share research with you and other unique components. Here's the number….800 772 6436. Please share what you learn with all of us.

May you be safe and protected.

A UCLA endocrinologist I consulted said the apparent CV side effects are from a comparison of Evenity with a bisphosphonate, and it turns out that bisphosphonates actually reduce the risk of CV events rather than Evenity increasing the risk.

I posted elsewhere in the thread along with others regarding heart effects. It depends on the person and the heart condition. I talked to cardiologist who gave the green light. Others with different heart issues got a different answer. So talk with cardiologist.

@dmort I'm reading your comment on mayoclinic.org from 2021 and wondering if you went through with the 12 month dosage? Did you go through with it? I'm insurance approved and doc recommended to start Evenity but nervous about the side effects. Could you share your experience? Thank you in advance.