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@jmb73- Good morning. You have had a lot of irritations in your lungs. I'm not surprised at all that you are having breathing problems and a tight chest. It can take a while for your lungs to heal. All of my CT scans are high resolution. I think that despite your qualms about the results of the HRCT, it should be pretty accurate. Given that the technician was highly competent and your doctor is your competent you might just not have completely healed. I can't answer the question about being cured because you have a lot going on and I'm not a doctor. Do you have confidence in your pulmonologist?

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I do have confidence in my pulmonologist. I saw him yesterday and he explained that the HRCT does not show asthma or MCTD. Only an x-ray shows them. He had gone over the HRCT himself and the nodules it showed are benign and the non functioning lobe is not acute as I can function fine with 4 lobes. I still have asthma and MCTD- which is caused by Sjogrens. I shouldn't have bothered you. I should have just waited for my appointment. He did caution me about being super careful -wash my hands, wear a mask etc as I am at high risk for COVID 19. So all of us with lung issues need to be extra careful. Thanks for listening and stay safe.