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HI… am new to AFib and meds. Concerns and questions!?
Bradycardia noted 2014. Holtor monitors rates in 40's/ at night while asleep in 30's. Dr. "no need for pacemaker… as it would cause a scar". More concerned about scar than low heart rate. I had always had low BP. I seldom see a systolic at 100.On a stressful day 100-110. More common 70 to 90 over 40 to 60
Second opinion…followed closely, found pretty steady in 40's to low 50's so we continued monitoring. She had me increase salt and fluid intake as I had dizziness, weakness, tiredness. Did help me keep more hydrated. Keeps BP up better. Less dizziness but that never really goes away.
2017 Cardio transferred to Colorado. Started w. new cardio here in DE.
2018 started falling frequently. Saw Neuro, Cardio, ENT, ortho. No one could find cause. Sept 2018 had a TIA. Continued to be monitored. Placed on low dose bayer aspirin.
August 2019 I started telling my PCP, Cardio my heart rate was irregular. Multiple studies- echo, stress test, monitor, EKGs, sleep study. NSR, brady, occas. PVC. Irregular irregularity kept me thinking i was in AFib – going in and out. Would wake me out of dead sleep, Started putting together this may have been happening for a while and ??cause of some symptoms as listed above??
Jan 2020 back to cardio to say I wanted more help… there is something wrong. He inserted LINQ/LOOP Jan 20th. Was supposed to be advised as soon as they got a reading that could define diagnosis. WELL
March 25 .. call from cardio to say AFib. Asked when they knew. Said – with fist report in Jan!!! It was now the end of March. I expected this tool would provide timely answers & care. Cardiologist referred me to electrophysiologist. Met (telehealth) 2 days later and we discussed options. He is pro ablation but due to covid and ban on elective surgery this is delayed. Meantime electro phys doc put me on Eliquist BID and added a PILL IN A POCKET APPROACH Using one Metroprolol 25 mg and two Flecainide 150mg tabs (300mg) if I am in AFib that I don't come out of in 20-30 min.
He admitted my concerns for:
– side effects of these drugs are valid
– dose of drug is high….I am at home – cannot always tell when I am in Afib. Said do the best I can.
I spoke to pharmacist and he indicated concern for dosing of Flecainide as well and suggested I speak to dr again. I did so. He said follow his direction.

Also my concern that he wrote script for Flecainide at 1 tablet every 12 hours.
Now if I should take two tablets according to the PILL IN A POCKET APPROACH and have an adverse event they would say I didn't take prescription that is on my bottle. Not good for me, my insurance company.
So much to try to work through.

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Dr. "no need for pacemaker… as it would cause a scar". THAT is a red flag if I ever saw one. I'd get a second opinion fast.