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Hello @charlieindia

I would like to invite @predictable to this discussion as he has had experience with lots of meds for heart rhythm problems. He might be able to offer some insights.
Have you considered a second opinion?

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Thanks to my friend Teresa (@hopeful33250), I learned of your plight @charlieindia and hope that my experience might lend a bit of confidence to you in your use of Carvedilol. I hoted two points: 1) the Carvedilol is suspected of side effects that worry you and 2) you didn't mention what your doctors called your diagnosis that started you on Carvedilol. Later, as I understand it, you were diagnosed with premature ventricular contractions (PVC). Those might have been what started you on Carvedilol, or perhaps that was atrial fibrillation, which sometimes originates in the upper chambers of the heart, then progresses to a ventricle below. If you get the chance, check on my posting in this discussion on May 24. It tells you something about my experience and points out some incidents from the use of Carvedilol.

My case began and remains with atrial fibrillation, combined with a hefty general hypertension, so my dosage of Carvedilol is 25mg twice a day. With a dosage that large, Carvedilol often gets blamed for side effects that are attributable more to sharp reduction in dosage, either deliberately or accidentally. Doctors (and the drug manufacturer) always warn against abrupt stoppage or reduction of dose because side effects almost always occur. Like any beta blocker, Carvedilol also causes uncomfortable side effects for some patients at normal and well-managed doses. Any change in use of the medication should be made only with the cooperation and advice of your prescribing physician. I have had little if any problem attributable to Carvedilol since I started on it six years ago. Atrial fibrillation started me on it, and chronic kidney disease (stage 3) was another reason for its choice. For hypertension, I also take 10mg of a diuretic and 40mg of Lisinopril, and ACE drug. At night I also take 5mg of Warfarin to protect me from a stroke caused by AF. Will you be able to track down a recognized heart specialist for a fresh discussion of your situation and use of Carvedilol? Martin