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Thanks. I'm started on it because of a low EF. Not sure of the connection?

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My understanding is this med will help make the heart function more effectively, hopefully increasing the EF. Take care!

jfperrone @jfperrone, in my earlier message to you, I neglected to provide a link to a report on Carvedilol, its use, its side effects, and its avoidable problems. I hope you will find the time to check that out at https://www.drugs.com/carvedilol.html. The report reminded me that Carvedilol is used to treat heart failure among other things, particularly in people who have suffered a heart attack, but that's not a requirement for its use (just a possibility). Martin

@jfperrone I take 12.5 twice a day with meals. I have EF of 40 and have had 3 mild heart attacks. I now have a pacemaker after a complete heart block during a catherization. I was on metoprolol for about 15 years for hypertension. Cardiologist changed me to carvedilol after the last heart attack. He said it is the best drug post heart attack. Most people take a beta blocker, ACE inhibitor ande I was told. I can’t tolerate ACE or spironolactone, so I only take carvedilol.