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NSCLC with Leptomeningeal mets

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Thanks you. Yes, my mom is there and other two sisters 😄 so that helps a lot. But i want to help from here as much as possible too, Especially I know that i can find more information here.

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– I know that you want to help. Please make sure that you get the best information from reliable, science-based sources.
American cancer society https://www.cancer.org/cancer/lung-cancer.html

I find that when I research I look to see if the word ad begins the site name. This means that they are selling something so skip that. I'm sure that you know this already. At this point waiting for the biopsy is the best. The best help is doing nothing if your information isn't helpful. I think that any kind of supplement at this time might not be the best for him.

ps- I'm so glad that your dad has family with him. This makes all the difference.

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