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HypoThyroid and depression

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I am on levothyroxine, and anxiety medication. Have had my regular check-up and am in the normal range. I am considering making changes in my career, as stress is a factor. With COVID 19, I pause to make any employment decision, I'm still working and so is my husband. The culture shift that seems to be happening,, creates a level of anxiety of its own. It is uncertain times to be sure. I have seen a therapist, and she doesn't feel my bouts of depression are clinical, more circumstance related. I have decided not to disengage with my family members, because, well, I am all they have, and they won't be on this earth forever. So, maybe I am my own worst enemy. Just trying to cope in these uncertain times. Thank you all for chimming in and offering support. Blessings and good thoughts from me.

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I really admire your attitude toward your family, saying you are all they have. Yes, they need you for what it's worth with their problems.
All my husband's family are gone now except a half sister, and she chooses to not have anything to do with me, which is fair to her since her half brother conned her out of half of her mother's home, and he didn't need the home or the money. I got the money and felt it was not good for me to take it so I gave it to my three children whom their grandfather loved very much. That seemed fair to me. Now my family is about gone except for nephews and nieces who have no interest in me, and that is their choice so I don't push itl I have taken an interest in making new friends that are more suitable to me, and though there aren't many, it is a good thing in our livesl. With this shutdown you can't have big groups at funerals, anyway, so I don't think much about friendships to maintain. I still like to volunteer and to help people who need it. I said I would sew a mask for anyone at church who wanted a medical one and couldn't get out to get it I am giving away beautiful tomato plants that are not needed for my garden, to help the community learn about growing some food. Yes, some people need me because it is all they have. Dorisena

@pianohands123 I think many of us are anxious at this time. I am sure your therapist is correct, that your depression is situational. It sounds as if you do have a handle on it though, and that's about all any of us can do. From what I know, from friends and family, we are all having good days and bad days.