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HypoThyroid and depression

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@dorisena Do you see a psychiatrist, he may be able to help you with some medication. I'm on Lexapro, Lamictal, and Klonopin. But for my surgery it will change with my surgery. Great that you are getting rid of toxic people. This Covid-19 has gotten to all of us and that can add more stress. I feel it, but with my surgery that's what mostly what's on my mind. Even see your doctor, sometimes they will give you some medicine to help your stress. I know it's not fun. My thoughts are sent to you with a prayer.

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You misunderstand, I am living stress free as a widow in a magnificent home close to my adult children. I wouldn't dream of taking medication for depression as I am a believer in talking it out and making changes in life to correct bad living partners. But I stayed in my marriage for 50 years, and my husband died sooner than we expected because he would not cooperate with any medical care. My sister took Klonopin and she declined mentally from living with her husband who had terrible OCD and would work on improvement. I have studied personality disorders for years, and am familiar with the problems that can't seem to get fixed. I understand alcoholism well after living with my husband's entire family who drank. That is all gone now in my life and my children and grandchildren dote on me during this isolation, as I stay home and they get me what I need. Some are working from home. I saw a psychiatrist years ago but he insisted on my husband coming for joint discussions and I laughed because my late husband said he had no problems. At one point I feared my husband wanted me dead, but I survived the crisis by being very cool and collected. I won. I am happy and content. Dorisena