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Distancing at home

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@ozma Hello and welcome to Mayo Connect. We are a group of people sharing our journeys through a wide variety of health conditions, but we are not doctors and cannot offer medical advice. What we share is how we live and adapt. Along the way we try to share science based information and knowledge.

That said, most current advice says close contact with immediate members of your household is generally okay unless you (or one of them) is in a risk category, whether due to age or health conditions. Or unless someone has symptoms of illness (but remember some people seem to have the virus without showing symptoms) or has been closely exposed to someone who has the virus (like caring for an ill person, working for hours close to someone infected.)

So, sleeping with a partner who is also self-isolating (and taking proper precautions) would probably be okay. If you are not high risk, sleeping with someone who works but is not in a frontline job and takes precautions - probably okay. Sleeping with a partner who works in a frontline job, exposed repeatedly, even if careful - maybe - if you are not high risk.

Same answer with others in the household - you need to know they are using good judgment and taking proper precautions, otherwise they should minimize contact within the home - either stay in their rooms or a separate part of the house. And use a separate bathroom or sanitize between users, same with the kitchen. Some people seem to feel if it is okay to go to work, it is okay to socialize with friends during breaks or before or after work - I would class them as high risk and minimize contact if I was in a risk category.

I hope this helps. I will say, my daughters are nurses, many of their friends are also nurses or other first responders, they have mostly decided to remain in contact WITH their families, except those directly working in ER and ICU. But both of them have always had the policy of removing their work scrubs and washing up thoroughly immediately after work - long before Covid-19 came on the scene.

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Thank you for your well phrased post.

Thank you your answer was very helpful. I appreciate you for your detailed answer. Prayers for you and your family. And all first responders.

Thank you for this information. As a person who is high risk, living with others who work in the community daily this was SO helpful!