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dablues (@dablues)

Pillcam is stuck... and still stuck

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Well I had my third Xray and the pillcam is still in my stomach. I can't have any more Xrays. I've been Xrayed to death since last November and will need to have one when I visit my urologist, so I don't know what my gastro will do. Study Result


Interval passage of pill endoscopy camera.

Approved By: Mark Twedt 5/7/2020 9:10 AM CXRRM08R



History:Foreign body of alimentary tract, part unspecified, initial


Technique:2 views of the abdomen

Interval passage of the pill endoscopy camera previously seen in the
pelvis. Bowel gas pattern nonobstructive. No evidence for pneumatosis or
pneumoperitoneum. No suspicious air-fluid levels or mucosal fold
thickening. Right upper quadrant surgical clips. Scattered vascular
calcification. Similar degenerative changes and levocurvature.

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@dablues Oh my gosh still stuck. Sorry for this its been awhile now thought it would have passed ,so sorry What are they going to do? Wont just eating bread make it move? Keep us posted .

I have no idea what they will do, but it's unacceptable that I can never talk to my doctor and his nurse is a pain. She doesn't like duplicate calls but if you don't make them she doesn't call you back. I called her 10:30AM and said what time it is and waiting to see if she calls me back. Her voice mail states if you call after 3PM we won't call you back until the next day, so will see what she does. I eat bread all the time so don't think that will help. Sick of it. I've been xrayed to death this past 4 months with cat scans, chest xrays, abdomen xrays, spine xrays and I got a urologist exam coming up which they will xray me as they do once a year as my kidney is enlarged.