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It almost sounds like you had a failed nissen fundoplication ??? You shouldn't be feeling any heartburn ??? My surgeon suggested to me not to drink 1/2 hour before and after eating ?? I had both ( Nissen Fundoplication & And Wrap ) I haven't had any heartburn but allot of other problems !! Definitely contact you surgeon . Hope all works out for you, definitely no easy road !

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Thank you for your reply’s @faithann64 and @amandaburnett . I had a follow up with my surgeon on March 7th a week after my fundoplication and had a ct scan the same day. my wrap was fine no slipped hernia or wrap being loose. My surgeon said that it’s most likely phrenic nerve irritation from the laparoscopic surgery it can mimic heartburn, pain in the chest, and also referred pain in the shoulder from the gas left from the surgery. He told I should not have to take my ppi medications anymore so I stopped taking them. About two weeks later the heartburn, chest pain started returning not as bad in pain terms but enough to make me feel uncomfortable again. maybe 3-4 times a week In cycles. I contacted my surgeon again and he sent me to do a barium swallow on April 8th. The results were no acid was coming up into my esophagus to cause the heartburn and my wrap was tight and intact. I told the doctor administrating the test I have what feels like heartburn still. He believed me that I have pain and discomfort, but that it wasn’t because of acid coming up from my stomach because the wrap was blocking it. My surgeon has referred to another GI doctor to find out if we can get to the bottom of this. I have my appointment on 5/12/2020 in a couple days. Sorry for the long reply I hope my punctuation is good. Some better news is my swallowing has gotten way better in the last week, I can eat better. Still not 100% but it’s improved. I hope they fix your hernia quick @faithann64 I haven’t lifted or done anything strenuous since feb 26 2020 for fear of hurting my wrap or having slipped hernia.