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What do you do for Neuropathy itch?

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Good afternoon itchers. I do have some new information based on my telemed appointment with my dermatologist. She was the one who jumped in and got immediate help for me when I had the greatest itch of all time.

At first, she wanted to just start trying some medications. Then she said, "Chris, you have had these fasting tests sometime in the last 20 years. Let's start over and make sure we have current markers. Attached you will see the list of labs.

When all the labs have been reviewed, I will have another telemed appointment and try to figure out the source or causes of this increasingly debilitating irritation known as an all-over body itch. In the meantime, she prescribed two medications, an internal one and a topical.

I will also add a copy of the medications. I am sure we will learn something.......and hopefully find medications that will keep it under control. She also noted the medications that you reported and will add them to a list to learn from.

Have you experienced any further itch attacks or flares? If so let all of us know. What is working for you? I did enjoy the toothbrush idea. Anyone else try it?

Be safe and itch-free.
Chris......and thank you so much for your help.

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@artscaping Great start! It sounds like a smart plan instead of only the medications without further investigating. Good luck with revealing a source. I no longer have itching...whew! Seemed mine was isolated from Chilblains and then I had a small bout of arm itching but, then disappeared. I will be prepared with Connect knowledge if it ever returns.
Thanks for the update.
Be well,