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What do you do for Neuropathy itch?

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@artscaping Hi Chris, I am so sorry you itch. I do too, almost everyday, and some days, it is unbearable. Thank God, I can use an anti histamine, and it goes away. Benadryl seems to work best. I think I have itch from 2 sources, though. I am sure the neuropathy gives me itchy feet, and sometimes, I itch, here and there, all over. I think this may be from Kratom or Medical Marijuana, or both. They are plants, so of course, I may be a bit allergic to them. However, I must take them, or cry a lot. I do not know if you have tried an anti histamine, but it does work for me. CVS also sells an anti itch crème. It actually calls it an anti itch crème, and it works. It is not the over the counter steroid cream. That does not work at all for me. Very best of luck. Itching can really drive you nuts. Terrible. Thanks for all of your help, all of the time. Stay safe. Lori Renee

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@lorirenee, @rwinney, @helennicola, @stobie2019, @ww2valentine, Thank you all for coming to my rescue. Isn't Connect wonderful? I have learned a lot and was able to send pictures to my dermatologist and PCP this morning. I think the major difference with the neuropathy itch is that there is nothing to see on the skin. It is coming from inside the body. The only time you can see it is when you wake up and there are bloody patches all over your leg. I expect some answers for additional responses from my clinicians today. I will send them on.
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Hey there @lorirenee1, I knew you would have a total understanding of the itch wall I just ran into. My dermatologist and PCP are collaborating. I took Benedryl last weekend. You say that works best. I will replenish.

Lori, how often do you get this SFN itch or whatever it is called? Do you have any warnings? What makes you think it is from Medical Cannabis? I actually found that a 3:1 THC/CBD balm on my entire body after a warm shower helped. So I calculated that at a jar a day times 5 days would be $165. Whew.......Maybe I should start with the anti-itch creme. Thanks for responding and keep an eye out for Chris's miracle itch drug. That's my next project.

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Good Point about medical marijuana. I have also had allergic skin rashes even from very low doses and some CBD oils for anxiety. For itching, I recommend Clear Benadryl lotion, Clear Caladryl and Aveeno Eczema Oatmeal lotion really work topically. From Sam's club they carry a whipped Vit. E or Coconut lotion that has few additives and preservatives and works even on the eyelids. I take a cool shower, use a shea butter soap only and afterward use only lotion with NO preservatives. Raw shea butter comes in many forms online and is great after a hydrating wet down of the skin. Believe it or not water can be very drying to the skin, so always apply to skin when wet. Hang in there. Feeling the need to itch is exhausting!!
My dermatologist recommended methotrexate and folic acid for a few weeks, but this causes stiff tendons which can cause other problems, however it is working well. I can feel the pitch stopping from the inside which is a relief. Still have some surface itch, but manageable. So far so good.

Is the anti-itch cream at CVS a prescription. Can you give me the name?