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@aaronblack I also add my welcome to you, for finding us here at Mayo Connect. What did you do to find our forum, I am curious? [besides, I always like to hear how people look things up!]
Have you experienced anxiety before? you mentioned you have a tendency to overthink, and this may indeed be part of the basis for your feelings. What have you done in the past to help relax you? Journal your thoughts and worries [always a good one that works for me], listening to relaxing music, perhaps watching a comedy you like, do a craft? In these times, perhaps limiting your exposure to current news might help, also.

For me, the activities and chores of everyday life can offer to distract my mind. Then, as the day wears down, my mind takes over to a greater degree, and off I go into anxiety/overthinking/worrying! Do you think this might be relatable to your situation?

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Hi and thank you Ginger. Long before I went to a cardiologist I came across Mayo Clinic when I searched up my symptoms. But for the past few days i've been looking for a place to discuss medical problems and so i searched Quora for 'Places to ask medical questions for free" (as there are a lot of sites offering paid support) and so a user recommended me here.

I do agree with what you suggested. I find myself completely fine whilst I'm working from home or concentrating on a particular thing until I start thinking of the outcome (possible heart attack) or something deadly. I'll try what you suggested, hopefully it works.