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Undiagnosed Head Symptoms (Still Help!)

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Throughout my life I have had something that my ENT and my neurologist called Benign Positional Vertigo. It would come and go and when it came it might be accompanied by many other symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, migraines and brain fog just to mention a few. I decided sometime ago that one of the primary things that correlated with its onset was a high mold count which we have where I live a good deal of the time. The first time I had it was my first year of graduate school and now I am 65 years old so as you can see, it must not be life threatening. But I will tell you that there were times when I was still working that it would cause extreme anxiety which made it much much worse. I taught at a large university for almost 30 years and when this would happen it would be very difficult to lecture. I would turn my head to write on the board and get a waive of dizziness that would almost cause me to black out. Once it happened during a lecture, I would get sweaty, have palpitations, get progressively more dizzy and sometimes be so distracted that I would lose my focus. I would on many occasions have to grab hold of the podium or something else in order to get my balance.The bigger that the classroom was the worse it was due to the visual aspects of a very large vast space. This happened dozens of times and I don't think any students or anyone else ever noticed but I know that it caused me a great deal of worry over many, many years.

The other day I posted something in the Women's Health Group that sounds very similar to what you describe. It is something similar to what I described above having all my life but it is not exactly the same and is a new thing for me. It comes on usually just as I finish a meal and is characterized by dizziness and profuse sweating. I believe my post from the other day was in a discussion that @gailb had also posted in and my recent symptoms were similar to hers following her gastric surgery although I have not ever had this surgery. My post was on May 24th in this group where I described my recent symptoms focussing on sweating and extreme hot flashes after eating along with nausea and dizziness. I do not think anyone has responded to it yet but @gailb if you have anything to add please let me know. Interestingly lately I have been also having a number of vivid dreams which @tess0831 has mentioned here.

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