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Anyone else dealing with shingles?

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Hello All:

I am definitely a newbie to this whole Shingles diagnosis. Was just diagnosed a few days ago and I can say (very literally) that I feel your pain. As my Shingles started on my back laying down and sleeping has become a whole new experience. A lot of you have posted about Shingles on the face (which I'm glad I don't have) but wondering about Shingles on the back. Any pressure I put on my back (including laying down or being propped up in bed) puts pressure on these nerves and really causes problems. Walking tends to be the best position for me right now.

My PCP gave me an anti-viral med which made the sores dissipate completely within a couple of days. I'm wondering,@oldkarl if you have had an anti-viral drug, as you mention that you "oil the lesions?" For me, the anti-viral med worked very nicely to get rid of the lesions. Has your doctor ever recommended such a med?

At the ER last night I was given some prednisone. Anyone else treated with that? I slept for several hours without pain but then woke up and knew the med had worn off. I have several days of a prednisone pack so I hope it will help.

Has anyone been treated with Gabapentin for the Shingles pain? As Shingles pain is nerve pain, I'm going to ask for that next.

By the way, Shingles was not even on my radar as I've had all of the Shingles vaccines that are available including the most recent Shingrex that is given in two doses. I had this a year ago.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone who can help with this. Thanks for your posts so far. Always good to hear from others in the trenches, so to speak.

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Thanks for sharing suck a terrible experience! I am sorry. Does the medical community recommend the shingles vaccine for 50 year olds? I know many friends you’ve gotten the vaccine.

4 years ago I had a severe case around my left lower side to my back the nerve pain has never gone away numbness and spiky pain from spine to back keep your stress low take vitamin D and soak in epsom salts after you get over the lesions.