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Anyone else dealing with shingles?

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Hello all. I am peach and I did not have the vaccine because my two endochronologist's told me not to. (I have many medical issues which forbids this.) Anyway I did get the shingles. Freezing, nausea with no vomiting, the rash, etc. I did not suffer to bad with this because the chronic venus insufficiency PAIN, PAIN, PAIN is so excrutiating it takes away the Shingle pains. The rash is quite painful. l have the Shingles for about two months now but do not worry about getting this. There are much worse medical problems. I am still waiting for the crusts to heal over the rash. But, do not take this to lightly as it can be serious depending on the many different patients and their many medical problems. What might be very important is: I looked up the symptoms on the internet and the different treatments because with this corona virus I did not want to expose myself by leaving the house and going to the doctor. If it would have gotten out of hand I most certainly would have gone to the doctor. Also there was no temperature. Keep your head and your mind open and smile when you hear the music. Love to all Peach

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I used Chinese acupuncture by surrounding the dragon, eventually cutting off its head and tail. I also used Chinese salve. I have had some Post shingles neuropathy, but that is lessening.