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I as well have had this my entire life. I started taking omeprazole (20 mg once daily) when I was 25 and I'm now 30 and still on it. The quality of my life is tenfold. Without the omeprazole I have labored breathing and feel as though my body is in constant fight or flight mode. I know I have a false shortness of breath because it only bothers me when I'm at rest. I can go for a run and it is effortless breathing. There are some negative side effects to taking omeprazole and I would like to get off of the medication. I wish there was an alternative, but when I do go a day without it, I realize how grateful I am to have it.

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@benjvandenheuvel – I too have been dealing with this for the bulk of my life. I'm very interested in your background – I'm almost forty and have been dealing with this stuff since the middle of college (so, a long time). I've been on anxiety medication pretty much ever since then with if I'm being honest very little in terms of results. I'm sure since it's nothing physical – I've had plenty of those tests and I'm very active (run, lift weights always played sports) and I'm not overweight. How did you come to try omeprazole? I wonder if this could be my issue as well. I took my first Prilosec this morning hoping that maybe I've been missing the mark in terms of what has been causing this for the better part of my life. Thanks for listening.


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