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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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@destinyh96 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You said you have an, "issue where my nose is so open and to the point it hurts my heart or ling when I breath heavy in thru my nose." You also said you may, "have smokers Lungs" due to smoking marijuana.

The symptoms you are describing, their severity, and your age defiantly raise red flags. If you have not already done so please feel free to scroll through the previous comments in this discussion. You will find members like, @bride @learningstudent have experience with this topic.

I'm wondering if you spoke to a provider/doctor regarding your symptoms?

Also, if you have difficulty stopping or cutting back marijuana, I'm wondering if you have considered addiction therapy?

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@destinyh96 -Hi I have experience with your topic. My first visit to an ENT was for dry/cold feeling in nasal cavity. He asked if I was a smoker. I never have smoked a day in my life. However I was around a lot of forced dry heating, after moving to a colder climate. We discussed staying properly hydrated and using a humidifier. If you have smoked marijuana for a long time, it can dry out the nasal mucosa, which needs to be moist for optimal function. Use ideas that people are suggesting. There is nothing a doctor or a prescription can do for cold/dry/open sensation. At most, see your PCP, if you are seeking peace of mind. Which is really what most, appts end up being, is a reassurance seeking visit. For your own reassurance, know that we have many different perceptions in the nose throughout the day. Once you start feeling one, and feel like it is a problem, it is easy to fixate on it and think it is something much worse. The body is complex and loud. If it feels uncomfortable, it is not uncommon for sensations to let us know. Focus on healthy habits from within. Lots of hydration, reduce the smoking, humidification, vitamin C. There are many things that add moisture back into the body other than water. Fruits/Vegetables carry moisture through your tissues as well. I do have a lot of knowledge in this area. I am trying to encourage you in a way, to know this is a very reversible feeling, when the focus is on the overall health. Not just one body part.

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