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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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I didn't say that he has it. I said that it sounds like it and I'm aware the other conditions can cause it : i.e. Hyperventilation syndrome, infection, etc. That having been said, If you check this and other forms you will find a lot of people that may be considering sinus surgery. As far as the rabbit hole, if my doctor or anyone else had told me (Not that I WOULD get it) but that I COULD get it, I never would have had the surgery to begin with, which by the way, was first diagnosed by Eugene Kern, MD, at (you guessed it) The Mayo Clinic. So…if my comments saved one person from suffering with this incurable condition, then my day has been made a little better. And… this is supposed to be a forum, not an ass ripping contest and I don't need to be scolded by you or anyone else. Two of the many symptoms of ENS are irritability and anxiety, which sadly I seem to be experiencing now. And yes I did have this confirmed by another ENT doctor. Have a good day.

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@drumline7860 -my apologies if that’s how you felt. Not meant for it to have come across that way. In being on your side, if you can see I tell the individual to steer clear from ENTs, because I do know first hand the damage that they cause to someone complaining of something very minor, like dryness or pain. They do not educate patients at all and only want to operate, hence worsening or causing symptoms, such as ENS to someone who only had a minor issue. That is actually why I follow this forum as I try to educate as many people who are thinking that an ENT is someone who can help them with their nasal issues. I actually try to encourage patients to learn how to help themselves first, before any doctor ever could. The body is connected. If you are having a problem in one area, you have to look at total picture. Which is mind/body/spirit. ENTs admit they too, don’t even know how the nose functions and half the time why some of the surgeries they perform even work. I like to encourage people to realize doctors are just other humans, with more knowledge in a concentrated area. However the best expert on your body is yourself and don’t let anyone else convince you otherwise.

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