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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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How do I find this kind of doctor?

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@learningstudent -search your local area for natural path doctors and call to see if they specialize in nasal/sinus issues. Also look to Ayurvedic as they have special practices as well.
-Also, you will be told this is psychosomatic. Don’t let that term scare you. It just means mind/body. Typically what happens in this situation is for whatever reason, life stressors, lack of sleep, diet or lack of social outlet/community, your mind/body has drawn more awareness to a weak link in your body.
So this is something you’ve probably had that was minor, which gets worse with environmental changes (hot/cold) etc…your mind has drawn more attention to it and will keep doing so until you can shift or calm your nerves in a sense. It doesn’t mean it’s not real. Your mind has just increased the sensitivity by drawing more attention to it. You have the power to control this. Through increasing nasal moisture, through vitamins/minerals. Drinking enough fluids, lowering stress levels. Going at it the natural way. There is nothing an ENT can do for sensory related issues. The only thing they will do is prescribe medications, which do not relieve dryness. And or tell you, you have some abnormalities causing this and will want to cut out vital parts of your nose.
Educate yourself on the nasal cavity and how sensitive it is to stress, diet and environmental factors. It’s pretty fascinating how many nerves play a role. And you can put the control back in yourself to feel normal again. Go the natural route.

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