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Too much cold air entering the nostrils

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Hello, I have suffered from many of the symptoms you've noted during the last few years. As I age the symptoms have become worse. I have gone thru the x-rays, scans, and met with an ENT at Mayo. I have a bloody nose daily in the winter, and this year I've had it all month (June) to my surprise. It usually goes away by this time of the year. Now my symptoms have changed a bit. Not only is the air cold in my nose, my front upper teeth feel like I have an ice bag on them. So strange. I suffer from a level 4 out of 5 severity when it comes to a deviated septum. I have tried the lotions, creams, pills, and sprays, nothing seems to works well. The ENT said she could do the lengthy surgery to try and help me but only gave me a 57% chance that it would help. I have not had the surgery. A mask and petroleum jelly applied to my nostrils at night allow me to sleep for now.

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@bwilliams61 -as we get older our mucous membranes naturally dry out a little bit. So please remind yourself that, to keep yourself calm and know that there are things you can do. When it comes to dryness, studies have shown that structures in our nose aren’t necessarily the cause, such as the shape like a deviated septum. So don’t put too much on that. ENTs/surgery can not help with moisture. But you yourself can. You have the control and power to help with this. Keep a humidifier in your room, especially the winter months. Work with a functional/natural path doctor as they can address any vitamin/nutrients you can improve upon. The same mucous membrane that lines the nose, is the same that lines the gut. It’s all connected. Studies have shown that a lack of Vitamin C can cause more nosebleeds and cracking. Things like this you can help with. Increase all fresh/whole foods in your diet especially those essential for skin, such as Omega 3’s. Stay very hydrated. The first way to overcome this is to educate yourself on the way nerves/stress play a role in the nasal cavity. Practice stress reliving techniques and good self care. It’s ALL connected. No Western Medical doc will tell you that. You have to control over your mind & body. I hope this helps you a little bit.

I have this issue where my nose is so open and to the point it hurts my heart or ling when I breath heavy in thru my nose so much cold air maybe my chest is too open so what I did for temporary relief is plug my nose with some tissue no to the point I can’t breath but just enough to where in an still breath in n out my nose just not that much it stops too much air from comin in and just a nice amount plus bum Vaseline on my chest and nose. I’m a chronic weed smokier I actually stopped for 9 days last month but I started back sun recently so I could have smokers Lungs but I am only 24 and should not be having these health issues so I really hope I feel better soon. Possibly too much dry air in my home I need a humidifier I’m going to get one tmrw .

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