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katec (@katec)

Small Fiber Neuropathy burning?

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Hi @katec you have mentioned one of my least favorite words….burning. Burning on top of the thighs is only one of SFN's most desirable places on my body to bring that kind of pain and my least favorite. It is really sensitive if you have been sitting in the car for any length of time, or in a booth at the coffee shop and of course on an airplane. I get an MFR treatment every week to send it packing for a few days. But mostly I do it myself with stretching exercises that I invented called "Shake it out".

I do want you to be very careful if he has the torso burn. That one is like having a gas fire under your abdomen. I had to get some heavy-duty help with that one, it lasted so long and was so frightening.

May you be calm and at ease.

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@artscaping I also have had burning on thighs in groin area. I told Rachael I found that more walking helped this a lot . We her in Calif are stay at home via Governor so I walk the 6 floors here or around the senior building . I surpeised myself that just plain old walking helped me so much . Bless you in all you do

@artscaping thank you so much for your input! He’s having that burning pain on top of his thigh just like you described. Right now it sounds more like a nuisance and just new so he’s unsure about it. I will def let him know to tell me immediately if his pain/burning travels anywhere else, especially to his torso!! This is all new to us, so I really appreciate your thoughts!! Thank you!

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