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I do like the thought of reliving our happy moments in our lifetimes That is a great stress buster Looking at old pictures, listening to the music you loved as a teenager, and followed that up by talking to an old friend ! Bringing joy back into our lives with a Happy memory Puts a smile on our faces has a great physiological effect on our bodies , Having a plan to get through these difficult times make a us feel like we are doing something It makes us feel better prepared and lessens anxiety . Making sure your prescriptions medicine are refilled,, knowing that you have a good supply of nutritional foods all empower us .i have tried to think through I can substitute one think for another Many of our food stores are having to gear cup for a new reality For the last 10 days getting safe pickup service or delivery has been close to impossible But now we are seeing a a bit of a slow shift towards that being a helpful option
But we know that there may be shortages because of business shut downs . So prepare as much as you can, but that so much is changing on a day to day basis , and what may have been difficult today , is better tomorrow Turn on that music , turn off the TV for a few hours , look at happy photos , beautiful landscapes Every day I am sharing stunning pictures of gardens or flowers on my Facebook page. There is a great site called Paradise of Flowers that I follow, and share their pictures i do Lomé the thought that I can interact with people I do not know , and understand that so many of us are more alike than different I am enjoying your ideas to keep our selves engaged in life even from our homes which more than ever are our sanctuaries. Thanks for all your responses

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Very well said!

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