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COVID-19 and Transplant Patients

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Hello to all the transplant patients! Certainly our anxiety increases with the possibility of any type of virus present in our surroundings. Immunosuppression is troublesome for respiratory viruses. We always are cautious and careful. COVID-19 offers new concern because it is an unknown - no vaccine - and we don't know if the trajectory of the illness is going up or down. Thinking all this through, I have self-isolated even though there are only 2 cases in my county (Arizona). So, we are also watching church service online. My heart transplant was 3 years ago and I am still on prednisone and, of course, mycophenalate and sirolimus. I wonder if I am actually more protected than others from the virus because of the steroid. No other respiratory virus has been shown to affect potential rejection so I wouldn't think the COVID-19 would. These are good questions for our doctors! Take care everyone and stay healthy. Our God is good!

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@estrada53 I too, being post-liver transplant, am being very careful. I have gone to the supermarket, it's not difficult to not be close to other people there, and as soon as I get out to my car I use some hand sanitizer and then wash my hands thoroughly when I get home.
Since in church you are in much closer proximity to other congregants I am not attending services.
That's an interesting thought about prednisone. I am on that and sirolimus also.
We do not eat out more than once a week at the most generally but we will not now and I am already missing that. I read something about food prep outside for takeout and that too sounds off-limits. You just cannot rely on how careful the preparers of the food were.