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Chest Pain + Fatigue

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So sorry to hear a young person like you is going through this. I would sure ask the dr to test for esophageal spasms.

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Thank you! When I see him I’ll mention it and see what he thinks, but today has been a hard day for me in terms of pain. It is a bit better now and I can finally get out of bed, but I’m hoping it’ll go away for awhile before it comes back again so I can get a break. The chest pain I can sort of deal with, since I don’t have a super terrible pain tolerance, but the exhaustion is the worst part for me. Only having the energy to have 1-3 productive hours a day is difficult when there’s so much that needs to get done and I’m trying to stay normal and not let it completely stop and control my life.

Mentally I have been a little hard on myself because I keep wondering if this makes me lazy, but I try to remind myself that it isn’t laziness, I just don’t have the same amount of energy to produce as everyone else, and sometimes simple tasks will take more energy out of me than the usual person, and that it is okay for me to feel that way and to try and get better.

I’ve also had some fainting spells, which I somehow failed to mention. Nothing in my diet has changed and my doctor had put me on some vitamin drinks a few months ago to see if it would make me less tired, but I’ve found they haven’t done anything for me. I feel no different. I also keep losing weight and they continue to tell me to eat more but eating anymore than I always have is making me feel sick and nauseous. I’m kind of in a big boat of confusion at the moment until they can tell me more.

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