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Clear ear drainage

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I've had culture swabs done,but they show normal. My ear has been cleaned out,but 2 or 3 days later it starts draining again. I asked my ENT if it is spinal fluid leaking. had mastoid surgery on both ears when I was younger. Did some digging around and found that chloramphenicol/sulfanilaamide/amphottericin is effective,but he said not to use it too much because the fungus/virus would become immune to it. I'm tired of waking up to soggy pillows. my appointments usually every 2 wks.. same routine. clean the ear out and see if the ear will buildup wax.. the last visit, he told me to use debrox 2 times a day. my next visit is in 1 wk. I'll see how that goes. I know he has consulted with other ENT, and mentioned CSA powder. Myself and another patient in his practice have the same problem,though hers is not as bad as mine. any comments will be appreciated.

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Hi, @jersey47 – wanted to greet you and welcome you to Connect. I'd also like to introduce you to @januaryjane @upartist and @charlottescot. They also may have experience with having clear ear drainage and how to get it to stop.

Since there are many acronyms in medicine in general and in pharmaceuticals, wanted to clarify the substance you were talking about when you said "CSA powder." Is this perhaps auricularum (otic) powder used for external otitis?


The only drainage I’ve ever had was from treatable ear infections or fungus. I wear 2 hearing aids. I see you asked about leaking of spinal fluid and that you are doing research. Has the ENT mentioned if your eardrum is ruptured or perforated? Can you use cotton in your ear at night to absorb some of the moisture? Does it leak during the day when you are upright? I think 7 months is a long time to go with no answers although I know drainage of this kind sometimes takes a year or more to resolve.
Since he doesn’t know what is causing this I am wondering if you should seek help elsewhere. How long has the ENT been practicing and how often has he seen this problem. I am sure he will understand your frustration and need for an answer.
Do you have any pain or do you wear a hearing aid or use ear buds at all? And do you feel any pressure before the drainage starts?

FL Mary