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ddwilliams (@ddwilliams)

Does autoimmune disease = immunocompromised?

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I asked, but more in reference to travelling for Spring Break (we had plans to take the train from Chicago to DC and NYC). I asked before all of the shutdowns and isolation really started happening. I basically received the response to wash hands, etc., without a real answer to the immunocompromised piece. Now it doesn't really matter as everything is basically at a halt anyway.
He was diagnosed with PSC 6 months ago and is 10 years old, so very early stages. No symptoms, liver values stabilized with vancomycin, bloodwork every 6 months, and annual fibroscan. I'm just being a protective mom and new to this world.

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@ddwilliams, PSC is a rare disease, and you are fortunate that your son was able to get a diagnosis early. Unfortunately there is no cure for PSC, and some patients progress to liver failure while others do not. My PSC was discovered when I was an adult. I do not have any experience with pediatric PSC, and I want you to be able to talk to others who are living with Pediatric PSC. Do you know about PSC Partners Seeking a Cure? – PSC Partners Seeking a Cure provides education and support to PSC patients, families and caregivers and raises funds to research causes, treatments and cures for primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Here is the Home Page. http://pscpartners.org/
Here is the link to PEDIATRIC PSC – http://pscpartners.org/pediatric-psc/

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