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Internal Hemorrhoid

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Oh gosh, there are so many awful things that are related to the gut, it's so scary and can be so painful, not to mention inconvenient as it's hard to schedule fun things as you never know how you are going to feel. I've had divert three times and resectioning has been mentioned. I'm now dealing with c-dif from the antibiotics of the divert I had back in late Feb. But the internal hemorrhoids feel weird as you don't really know if you are constipated or if the hemorrhoid is swollen. I take a sitz bath now which apparently helps to shrink them.

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hi all, hi @judy75 i too have had bowel issues for many years but on the diarrhea side…. just wanted to say I too got a lot of relief, temporary, from sitz bath but then wondered why so many bladder infections and I think some feces leaking out into the warm water and into bladder.. have radiation cystitis to bladder as well, but I decided to stop the sitz baths because of the possibility of infecting myself with ecoli… but I sure miss sitting in that warm water… now have strep throat and trying to decide whether to roll the dice and not take antibiotic because give me double or more the amount of diarrhea (have ibs-d, fecal incontinence and had cdiff in 2018)… but they say if dont take antibiotic bacteria could go to the heart etc.. honestly, talk about stress!!!! ugh J.