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Yes good advice , but remember most doctors may be overwhelmed in the next few weeks.
Staying away from people is a really important step That May include family members who could have been exposed ,

Make a plan to amuse yourself if in isolation I decided today to visit one country every day via the internet It can keep me interested for a long time , just enjoying the beauty of the land and the culture

Added stress right now is not a good thing Everyone on this side can use the internet
We are more fortunate than a lot of people our age who do not use this wonderful tool !

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Replies to "Yes good advice , but remember most doctors may be overwhelmed in the next few weeks...."

Hi @bridgegoddess, I second that. What a great idea. I'd like to ask you to start a discussion in the COVID-19 group to tell people about this idea. Perhaps you could post what country you're visiting and encourage others to join you. This way we can have a social connection while being social distanced.

Here's how:
1. Go to the COVID-19 group: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/covid-19/
2. Click the grey button START A DISCUSSION.
3. Enter a title that invites people to join you. Perhaps something like: Let's travel the world virtually: Join me on a trip?
4. Write your message about what you do, why, and how you do it. Then invite others to join you.

What do you think?