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This Corona virus thing has me a bit on edge as prednisone is known to suppress the immune system. I'm only on 1 mg/day down from 2 mg/day taken for the past year and I havent tried stopping it completely yet. Anyone know if the immune system is heavily suppressed at this low dose?

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@ayjaydee, I think it's healthy to have a concern about the side effects of taking prednisone. I also think it would be a good idea to discuss it with your doctor – the benefits (no pain) vs any potential risk like suppressing your immune system. I think we are all concerned about becoming infected with COVID-19 but there is a lot we can do to lower our risks. Here are some guidelines issued by the CDC:

I am a hospital pharmacist. My thought is that low-dose 1 mg would not significantly alter your immune response to a virus. I’m currently on 10 mg and I think that could have an effect. But I appreciate all the comments on this. I’ve just been that much more cautious to prevent what we can.

Yes, prednisone can lower your immune system. I hate it. It also makes you very hungry, which then causes weight gain. I sometimes have to be on the pack. Take care of yourself. I think even at a low dose it can cause low immune, but ask your doctor.

I just happen to see your post on the immune system in regards to 1 Mg of prednisone. I don't have an answer about that ,but I had PMR for about two years and have Totally weened myself off it. It was very difficult ,because every time I went down in dosage it returned. I decided when I was at about 3-4 mg,I would start reducing my doses by 1/2 mg.The pain would return but for a shorter time than 1mg. As I hit 1-2 mg I started going down in 1/4mg. I stayed at that dose until I felt the pain almost leave. It could be 5 days to 2weeks. My last dose was 1/4 mg and I told my body this is the last you are getting.Thought it might help you, since I know that every time I went down I had a relapse and wanted to go up again on my dosage.