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@gingerw, I have had to ask for help. My spouse is in isolation with MRSA here at hospital. My daughtwr is in ICU for the third week.

I have had to change my entire life, my whole routine, to be there for my loved ones. My life in community service has come
to a screeching halt.

I will get through this. Faith fights even when it looks hopeless. We have hope!

What greater service is there than being part of your tribe, and loving on them when they need it so desperately?

I miss you all, and hate it that there is so little time for Connect.

Hopefully this is just a long bump in the road.

Take care of each other.
Love you big,
Mamacita Jane

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@mamacita– my word what a bumpy road it is. I just feel terrible that we can't help. How are you holding up? MRSA? Is this from when he was recently in the hospital?

Gee whiz @mamacita , that’s just too much! Do you have a safe, comfortable place to sleep? How about meals? I know that, right now, your priorities are your husband and daughter, but you must add yourself to the list. We all value you and your input on Connect, but as important as you are to us, you are much more important to your family! Please take care.

So sorry to hear about all this and it seems like too much for one person to shoulder. You have to remind yourself to be vigilant about your own health and not get too stressed out. Easy for me to say, I know. I know you want to hug and help your loved ones but there will be times when you have to stand back and just be an observer. Not easy times to be in the hospital right now. Take good care of yourself. Us mammas always put our lives on hold for our families.

FL Mary

@mamacita – My heart aches for you and all the hurdles in your path at this time. Was the MRSA healthcare-associated from the things your husband had done?

Those who you were helping in community service are now ready to turn around and help you. As do all of us here at Mayo Connect.

"In everyone's life there are fear storms. Faith flies in all weather." Noah benShea

Sending gentle hugs and a question: what can we do to support you?

Oh my goodness, @mamacita What a lot you are going through. I hope your husband and daughter have the speediest recoveries possible. In the meantime, take good care of yourself. You need to stay strong and healthy.
When you have time I hope you will keep us up to date on how everyone is doing, including yourself.