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@imallears That's great that you were able to get the money refunded. I hope everyone realized it was the only thing to do, to cancel. We still do not know what if any we will get back from our travel insurance but as my husband said, our health is more important than a few thousand dollars.

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Your husband is absolutely right. Just learned that the trip we had planned at the end of April to go up to New Jersey to see my granddaughter in a college play is postponed. She is home here in Fl with her room mate for spring break and learned today that spring break is extended another week. All classes except for studio classes will be held online. All school plays have been cancelled. The airline says we get one free change of schedule so we may fly up for Mothers Day weekend. However, who knows what things will be like by then. A golf classic here was cancelled…something my kids go to every year..and a big deal here in Florida.

Just learned that Broadway is closed down starting tonight and that the governor is banning crowds of more that 500. I opted out of an Irish party at a pub in Disney Springs this weekend called Ragland Road. The huge pub (3 pubs in one building) was built in Ireland and moved here brick by brick. Its such a fun place to be anytime with pipers and step dancers and good food. Apparently they are still having it. This is the first thing I have actually done to change one of my plans. I still go to my gym classes but it is now half the size it was. This is an active senior class so we are in that vulnerable age group. Just trying to live as normally as possible with sensible precautions and not go places I don't need to be.

Need a new book to read and was thinking about heading to the library and then said to myself….ugh…books handled by a ton of other people. So think I will go buy one instead (which I hate to do because you can read for free).

So far, I do not personally know anyone who is sick. My daughter is an ARNP and all her patients in the facilities are sick with something or other or have comprised immune systems. She said the staff is practically following her around and wiping down areas as she makes her visits.

She ordered 2 masks online at a total cost of $25. Incredibly hard to get them as people have hoarded them and prices have surged.

FL Mary