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My entire family and myself had made travel arrangements for Ireland and Scotland the end of May. My son and daughter in law planned an additional visit to Italy and Spain. We were to meet up in Ireland to celebrate my daughters 25th wedding anniversary , one of my grandsons 21st birthday in early
June and my youngest grandsons high school graduation. Luckily all refunds have been made and now they are planning a trip to NC and SC. Hopefully next year we will be able to visit Ireland and Scotland. My son in law had always talked about going to Ireland for their 25th wedding anniversary and all the kids were so excited. We’ll make our own good times elsewhere. Much debate about this when the coronavirus first came upon the scene and I was the first one to say “no way am I going”.

FL Mary

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@imallears Last night I spoke with my husband, who is currently 800 miles away, working his last few weeks before retirement and closing escrow on his condo. He is supposed to return to his job as a temporary contract engineer, and work on developing new product, starting in May, in three to five week chinks. He talked to the HR department yesterday about how this COVID-19 will affect these plans. He is a kidney transplant recipient. Rather than flying he may opt to drive back and forth.

Your precaution created disappointment, no doubt, but more peace of mind.

@imallers Sorry you can't go this year but you where wise to postpone your trip . I would love to see Ireland but can only dream of it . Just do something at home to keep the feeling of Ireland and all maybe you can get or have a DVD on the places you want to visit .

@imallears That's great that you were able to get the money refunded. I hope everyone realized it was the only thing to do, to cancel. We still do not know what if any we will get back from our travel insurance but as my husband said, our health is more important than a few thousand dollars.