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@contentandwell I think the link was not complete. I did not access anything…
Yes, having to cancel an anticipated trip was surely disappointing. Can you use your imagination to create a stay-cation and decorate your house in the manner of where you would have gone? Have a meal themed like your destination? Take a day or two and do something similar to what you may have participated in at your destination?

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@jakedduck1 The airline we were booked on is American and they have issued a policy for flights booked after 03.01 I believe, no help for us. I booked in February. United as issued a more generous policy. If we cannot get our travel insurance to pay then I think American will give us a credit toward future flights. Right now we are just working on getting our travel insurance to pay since we canceled on the advice of my healthcare team.
The hotel is an independent hotel, not part of a chain. I think the credit they gave us toward a future stay if we go there within a year is as far as they will go. I had to pay three days non-refundable so that is what they credited us. Nice, but who really knows what the next year will be bring, particularly as we get older. I can just see myself, really sick or something, saying to my kids "use the hotel credit"!

I am inserting the link again. It did work for me but maybe something got left off in the posting.
I basically have little or no imagination and zero creativity. We are OK just living our regular daily lives though. Some people might appreciate the little touches you mention but they really are not things that we would find to be a worthwhile substitute. Thanks though, I appreciate the suggestions.