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As you know, we did cancel a much anticipated vacation to the Caribbean, we should be there now, but just felt it was not worth the risk. We canceled despite not knowing if we will get any of the money we paid in advance for our hotel and our airfares refunded. We did purchase travel insurance but this is a grey area. If you buy the CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) option it would be covered but CFAR is quite a bit more money and we never even thought of that as being something we would need. The travel insurance may consider the cancellation to be purely our choice in which case it is not covered. If they accept the letter from my transplant team telling them that I was advised not to travel we may be covered. If our insurance does not reimburse us the hotel has given us a credit that we can use if we go there within a year, but who is to say if we will be able to. Travel insurance also does not generally cover epidemics and pandemics. I don't think Coronavirus has been labeled as such yet.

I think this article might be a help to people struggling with the question of whether or not to cancel.

This question is one many of us do not think about.
"Would your regret be manageable if you or a family member caught COVID-19?"
We did think of it, not for family but considering ourselves since we don't have family close by who might be exposed if we caught it, but since we are both well beyond 60 and I am immunosuppressed we are within the at-risk group.

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@contentandwell I think the link was not complete. I did not access anything…
Yes, having to cancel an anticipated trip was surely disappointing. Can you use your imagination to create a stay-cation and decorate your house in the manner of where you would have gone? Have a meal themed like your destination? Take a day or two and do something similar to what you may have participated in at your destination?