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Hi lov, you mentioned “very low oil.” Elaborate a bit, e.g. do you use ANY oil in your food preparation? Do you avoid eating at cafes and restaurants where we have little control? High fat foods e.g., olives, avocados, nuts?

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I have been using Dr. Esselstyn's program from "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" and I think his goal is no more than 12 grams of oil a day or less…no nuts, no olive oil, olives, no flesh, no processed foods. I haven't gone out to eat since Oct. 2019. I was encouraged to try the nutritional therapy 100%. This may be genetic…maternal grandfather died from a 'worn out heart', maternal grandmother died from a stroke, my half sister died from cardiac arrhythmia. Sad, but I was told years ago by my orthopedist, some people aren't meant to exercise, and he said you are one of them. Since childhood had Charlie horses, scoliosis, ligamentous laxity (lose ligaments), degenerative disc disease, bursitis, arthritis, back strain, and muscles knotting up, so when I try to do anything more than chair yoga, like walking, or exercise I end up in trouble. Have cardiologist appt. on 3/24. PCP/Internists doesn't want to handle cholesterol. I have outlived all of the family older than me, so I have much to be grateful for. My parents died in an accident when they were 48 and 54, I'm 74, so I will just keep trying options. Thanks for asking.