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Ryman (@ryman)

Eyes getting out of focus and dizziness

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Hi, @ryman – perhaps members like @nobody @dsh33782 @trellg132 @dianais @rosemarya @imallears may have some insights for you from their own eye histories and they may be familiar with the eyesight out of focus and the dizziness.

What is your next step to address this, ryman? Will you be seeing an eye doctor soon?

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So sorry you are having vision problems. It’s very difficult to explain to doctors what we are seeing. My problem started on a cross country trip. I was under major stress (son had cancer) and I was driving him to California for a trial treatment. I chalked up the vision to stress.
That was December 2010. Had to block out one eye completely so I could see. Didn’t seem to matter which eye. So 2800 miles.
Coming back across country the same thing so again blocked one eye and figured strees
It kept up from time to time, sort of random. Never knew when. I went to my eye doctors and they change my lenses. No help.
Finally on August 12th 2019 I had my pre-op
For plastic reconstruction. When I left the hospital I couldn’t see much if anything. I finally got back to my home town and went straight to my eye doctors. They checked my eyes and determine I had vertical and horizontal dilopia. Did prisms in both lenses
Made a repeat visit and recheck showed eyes had worsen. To date no one has looked for a cause they just try to keep you visual.
I have high blood pressure ( DIA) is running about 110/120.
Cancer / Mucinous Carcinoma and thyroid – Hurdle Cell and Folicitot
This was diagnosed may 19 /2019
I suspect that these health issues are contributing to the problem. Just my thoughts here. I hope you are able to get help quickly for it’s a hard burden to bare.
Hope this helps you in some small way.
God bless

Update to vision problems. Was told yesterday that the eye problems are very likely coming from an increased level in the Parathyroid glands. -levels. You may want to have your doctor run a INTACT PTH along with all the other thyroid blood test. They told me it was the last thing they usually look for. I think it should be the first. My PTH levels are at 100

I have an eye apt April 2. I hope they can help. Thank you.