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Stim wave procedure for chronic abdominal pain

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I spoke to Dr Park at MHealth in Mpls. MN today, concerning the use of a pump like mine for abdominal pain. I was having my pain pump refiled. He says that the implanted intrathecal pain pump works on pain all over the body and in almost all cases would be appropriate for abdominal pain. If my pain guy only did stimulators I would have kept looking until I found one who did the pump. I was tested for the stimulator and it was useless. I wasn't having surgery to get something that didn't work. Search these chats for me, wsh66/pain pump and read about them. Getting the pump is like hitting the lottery for pain patients. 4 mgs. per day leaked into my spinal fluid over 24 hrs. plus a very small oral dose works better than the 252 mgs. I used to eat everyday. No side effects. They test you by giving you a spinal injection to see how you respond. Gene Sight testing can predict which narcotic you will metabolize the best. That's a brand name, Gene Sight. Go to there website to find a doctor who is qualified to do the cheek swab and then make the report part of your medical records. Good Luck

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Thanks very much, Steve. The one I am currently using, pain doc, has tried medications, sacral plexus injections, and local injections with cortisone. If I remember correctly, he did mention the pump awhile ago, but I think he said Medicare does not cover the medication. I will be seeing him in a couple of weeks, before Stim Wave trial, and ask him directly. Prior pain docs have tried SCS, Boston medtronics, and did zippo. Also, radio frequency ablation too, and obviously didn't work. I will check out the Gene Site too, and thanx