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@miracleman Hi Welcome to connect also . Im Lioness . You are lucky to survive heart surgery. In 1996 I developed symptoms of a heart problem . My cardiologist did all the testing and decided with 3 arteries blocked 85,90,95 % I needed a triple by pass. My arteries where to small for a stint the balloon they tried first burst so it was of to the O.R. Its been 24 yrs since that happened and I am doing quit well I give credit to God for keeping me alive all this time . I went on a healthy diet , do exercise of some kind every day and live right . Its important to have friends and family support . Most of what I eat is fruits and vegetables, The Dr told me to get of red meat ,so I did now I have it occasionally . . I have always used vitamins and minerals to supplement any lose with food. The only med Im on is a cholesterol med which keeps it within normal range. So if you eat healthy ,exercise not strenuous , and live a good life you have a good chance on this earth . One other thing is keep a positive attitude that is most important

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I appreciate your reply to my post so much. I'm not a "candidate" for a 4th open heart surgery, which I now need, but am just trying to turn to my faith in God and relax a bit. It's sad that I waited until I've reached this point to finally "turn it over to God". I'm trying to create a new bucket list and move on with life being as positive as I feel I can be. Thanks for your input on the diet and exercise Lioness. Blessings to you!

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