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@julcos welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. @abmac is right that this is a question best answered by your transplant team. I’m glad to hear that they are allowing your husband to continue with testing and to take the 24-hour urine collection. I, too, have had one kidney stone years ago. I definitely don’t want to repeat that experience. So far, lifestyle changes have helped prevent further kidney stones, like using a standing desk, drinking more water and making sure that when in long meetings I get up and move around.

Has you husband also changed to healthier habits since the kidney stone experience? I also invite you to share more about you. How are you doing as you wait for a donor?

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It’s not certain that my husband will be allowed to continue with further testing, but he has requested to do so. Since this stone in 2011, he has stopped drinking soft drinks and only drinks water, and a small amount of unsweetened iced tea. He is physically fit and has not had any recurrence of stones in many years.
At this time I have done my testing preemptively, as my eGFR is at 21 so I’m not yet listed. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease, and have been preparing myself for many years. My biggest symptom is low stamina and fatigue, along with foggy brain.
There are two other people who have actively begun preparing to be tested to donate. One lives in Florida and I am in NY state, so hoping for funding for her if she becomes my donor.